Friday, June 14, 2013

Piano Olympics Training Camp (Part 2 of 3)


Spell A Note- Given a word, students spell the word on the staff and/or keyboard.

Water Sponges Staff Toss- Students are the notes on the staff! A note is spun and the student with the sponges locates the student standing on the staff and tries to soak them with the wet sponge! Fun on a hot summer day!

Indoor Staff Beanbag Toss- Students toss a note on the staff and name the note.

Musical Alphabet Shooting Gallery- Students are asked a note question and then they try to shoot the note (answer) that is on the cans down with a water shooter. 


Music Note Basketball- Students are asked a note question either on the keyboard or staff then have the chance to make a basket.

Music Note Dominoes- A musical spin on the game dominoes!

Swat a Note- Who can swat the correct note first?!

Note Memory- Good ol' memory. Matching note name with staff note.

Musical Slap Jack- In this version students were to look out for any of the C's on the grand staff. First one to slap gets all the cards underneath.

Musical Note Ring Toss- Each ring represented a note name. Students answered the note on the staff and then tried to throw a beanbag through the correct note ring.

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