Friday, October 30, 2009

Ice Cream Party

Congratulations to all the students who qualified to attend the Jammin' In July Ice Cream Party Thursday!

Jason, Shakki, Allison, Caitlin, Emily and Alissa
(Not Pictured: Ireland, Ivana, Kenna and Nora)

Building and enjoying their ice cream creations...

Playing games and music...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Group Lessons- Piano Olympics (Opening Ceremony)

Piano Olympics is officially here! Our theme for this year is Piano Olympics. I hold Piano Olympics in my studio every four years. Students gathered for our "Opening Ceremony" over the last couple days and learned what they will be doing for Piano Olympics this year. They each received a workbook that lists the events they can choose, has an Arizona Torch run map so they can visually see how close they are go getting to each medal level and activities they will be doing periodically.

At our group lesson we did a couple activities in the workbook first. The students learned about Olympic symbol- the color and meaning of the 5 olympic rings. They were then given the chance to create their own Olympic symbol keeping Piano Olympics and music in mind. After that, each student came up and wrote down their own Olympic oath.

After we completed a couple activities in their Piano Olympic workbook, we played a couple music Olympic games. Rhythmic Badminton was by far the highlight! To play Rhythmic Badminton students had to hit a ballooon with a fly swatter back and forth to their opponent. Now that in itself sounds easy, but when you add that they need to do this on the 1st beat of each measure when the music is playing makes this task so much harder. So while I played (and sometimes had the piano play for me so I can take some pics) students had to count carefully to make sure they didn't hit the balloon on the wrong beat.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Festival 2009

On Friday, October 23rd, students from all over the west valley gathered together dressed as vampires, pirates, skeletons, basketball stars, movie and video game characters and more to perform their Halloween pieces for family and friends! Even a few mom’s this year joined in on the fun. A fun pass along game was played through the night, with goodies galore to enjoy! A spooktacular night for all!

Hosting the Halloween Festival... The Queen of Hearts

Allison is our winner for the guess how many candy in the jar game. Congrats and enjoy the candy!

Our best winkers, their families are the winners of the pass along game.

More performers...

Fun and Goodies...