Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Kickoff 2012

This year our theme is Hidden Treasures. Finding the "hidden treasures" in our music. Focusing on Rhythm, Notes, Technique, Dynamics and Expression. Students will be advancing on their pirate treasure map as they practice each week and advance pirate ranks. In addition they will earn jewels for completing different tasks and the hidden gem for the week.

At our Fall Kickoff we learned about the new Hidden Treasures program and students decorated their treasure boxes where they will keep their jewels in that they earn each week.

In addition, students shared their Practice Prop project that they worked on over the summer. Practice prop projects reflect how they do with their practicing. They apply a goal (whether it is a timed goal or a task goal) to their practicing and then add to their project based on that goal. For example a timed goal might be practice for 20 minutes that day then spend 20 min. on their project that day. A task goal may play a piece 3 times perfectly and then when that is accomplished add on a piece to their project. I always enjoy what projects students decide to do. We had lego projects, art projects, a couple puzzles, even a homemade blanket and more!

Before treasure boxes were decorated...

Our new Hidden Treasures assignment book...

Sharing Practice Prop projects and decorating their treasure box.

Decorated treasure boxes, don't they look great?!