Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Festival 2014

We had a SPOOKTACULAR time at our Halloween Festival this year!

Between performers we shared some funny Halloween jokes. 
I decided to dress up as a Jedi Music Teacher who fights Rhythm Wars with Boomwackers!

Our winners of the treat bag...

Guessing how much candy is in the jar...


Monday, October 6, 2014

September Group Lessons

Last month was our first official group lesson for the quarter. Because our theme is Reach Beyond the Stars I wanted to do some activities that were "Star Wars" based. Doesn't that sound fun?

First I wanted to prep our main rhythm activity so we reviewed quarters and eighth notes by rapping, clapping and music matching.

After we were pro's with our quarters and eighth the battle began! We played Rhythm Wars with boomwackers. Students entered the "ring" and were to hit the rhythm pattern correctly or they were out and the next person was to take over. (You can see a little of this activity "live" in the new studio video below...)

Then we concluded our group lessons by playing Music Jeopardy- The Staff Strikes Back and reviewed our notes on the staff.

We had a very fun time reviewing our rhythm and notes with a Star Wars theme. I finally was able to put together our 2014-2015 studio video together, which used these resources in addition to the resources I used at our Fall kickoff in August. (You can see Rhythm Wars in action!) Be sure to check it out below.