Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Music Fun!

This summer we had a lot of fun here at Foxx Piano Studio. You will see the following posts for each class: You're the Star, Musical Stories and Suites and Together in Rhythym there was something for everyone to enjoy including Keyboard Kids, an intro to piano class!

(Practicing stepping and skipping with puddles and sticks!)

You're the Star!

This year I thought it would be fun for students to record a CD. We started with their photo shoot for their CD cover and inside label. Then students had to choose and prepare their top 10 favorites to record. We then went into the studio and recorded their CD. After we did the basic recording we chose a few to add some fun instruments and sounds to give some of the pieces a little more shine. This was a very exciting process for both me and the students that participated! Everyone did a great job.

Musical Stories and Suites

Listen my students and take your seats, we’re going to have fun with “Musical Stories and Suites”! Come meet Billy the Kid, Mother Goose and Peter and the Wolf!
Students in this class learned about composers of these musical suites, actively listened to the original stories and music, learned about the orchestra and their instruments and discovered how music and imagination plays an important role in these stories.

Together in Rhythm

One of the classes I was really excited about this year was Together in Rhythm. First, I love rhythm activities and second I wanted to do a drum circle on our second day where students can invite their friends and have pure rhythm fun.

The first day we did a lot of games and activities with rhythm notation.

We started out with a Rhythm "Treasure" Hunt where students went around to different "islands" and created a rhythm ostinato representing that island. At the end of the hunt they performed their 9 island ostinato for the rest of the class which earned them the chance to find the treasure.

The second day we had a drum circle and played a lot of games and activities in the drum circle. Some favorites were Rumble Ball, Echo Me (on the big drum), Forbidden Rhythm and Rhythm Detective. Students even made their own drum called the Domroo which was great for doing a rhythm wave activity.

Keyboard Kids

Keyboard Kids is an intro to piano class where students learn the basics of playing the piano. They walk away from the class learning several pieces getting a jump start on their piano experience. Lots of fun!