Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fall Studio Kickoff

This Fall Studio Kickoff we shared music, practice prop projects, learned more about the Piano Olympic program for this year, learned what was new in the studio and had a little fun with an app called VidRhythm!

All the projects represent either how much time was devoted into learning pieces, practice goals accomplished etc... This year I thought it would be fun for students to vote on their most favorite creative project. So each project will get a number below.

#1- 'T' made a project with lego's. 
He also played a piece on the piano that he learned over the summer.

#2- 'E' made a 1000 piece puzzle. 
She also shared a pop piece she learned over the summer.

#3- 'K' made an origami "eagle view" of the PMTA Ensemble concert for her practice project.

 #4- 'D' made an art project. Every time she practiced she added a key or element to her art piece.

#5- 'J' made an art project showing where he went over the summer.

#6- 'R' made a spider art project using her hands.

 #7 and #8- 'A' and 'A' made a turtle Papier-mache art project. 

#9- 'D' made a keyboard art project representing each time she practiced.

#10- 'R' also made a colorful keyboard art project.

 #11- 'R' made a lego project representing his practicing and also shared a piece, "The Avenger's Theme" that he figured out on his own over the summer.

#12- 'A' went to Italy this summer and for her project she learned a new piece for each city that she visited.

#13- 'S' created a word poem for her project.

#14- 'M' made a piano cake for her project. Afterwards she shared it with the class. Yum!

#15, #16, #17- 'Z', 'T' and 'D' made an art project. 
Every time they practiced they added silly "hair" to their head.

#18- 'M' made a lego project of a little cafe. 

#19- 'I' added snowflakes to her project for every 2 practices.

#20 'K' added colorful "ornaments" to her project when she practiced.

#21- 'R' made a piano out of perler beads representing her practicing. 

#22- 'C' made a keyboard art project and colored in a key every time she practiced.

#23- 'J' created a photo montage of Foxx Piano Studio memories