Thursday, August 27, 2015

2015 Fall Kickoff

Kicking off the new year our new theme was introduced! The Magical Lute; A MusicalQuest

Students will be on a quest in finding the missing lute with their practicing journey and completing challenges along the way!

We decorated our shields (now decorating the wall in the lab room) and played a getting to know you game.

Students shared their practice prop projects they did over the summer...

#1- Cookies for each song played over the summer.

#2- Panda Painting- time spent practicing

#3- Drawing- representing practicing

#4- Melted crayon art- for days practiced

#5- Music poster for each piece learned

#6- MusicLyric posters representing pieces learned.

#7- Poem- time spent

#8- Coin collection representing days practiced

#9- Coin collection representing days practiced

#10- Homemade blanket. Ties represent days practiced

#11- Original composition - time spent

#12- Piano Lego- time spent

#13- Planets representing practice

#14- Composition on app

#15- Piano Poster, adding definitions representing practice (will also come in handy during practice)

#16- Lego project

Great projects! Loved seeing them all!