Thursday, August 27, 2015

2015 Fall Kickoff

Kicking off the new year our new theme was introduced! The Magical Lute; A MusicalQuest

Students will be on a quest in finding the missing lute with their practicing journey and completing challenges along the way!

We decorated our shields (now decorating the wall in the lab room) and played a getting to know you game.

Students shared their practice prop projects they did over the summer...

#1- Cookies for each song played over the summer.

#2- Panda Painting- time spent practicing

#3- Drawing- representing practicing

#4- Melted crayon art- for days practiced

#5- Music poster for each piece learned

#6- MusicLyric posters representing pieces learned.

#7- Poem- time spent

#8- Coin collection representing days practiced

#9- Coin collection representing days practiced

#10- Homemade blanket. Ties represent days practiced

#11- Original composition - time spent

#12- Piano Lego- time spent

#13- Planets representing practice

#14- Composition on app

#15- Piano Poster, adding definitions representing practice (will also come in handy during practice)

#16- Lego project

Great projects! Loved seeing them all!


Shelly Hainline said...

Hey Jennifer, I felt like I hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon your blog! Wow! I'm planning on doing your Search for the Magic Lute practice incentive this fall, and I'd love to know WHERE you got that amazing castle drawbridge backdrop for your door! You are SO creative! Thanks for all your hard work!

Jennifer Foxx said...

Awe, thanks Shelly! I'm glad you found me. :) I got the castle drawbridge backdrop on Amazon. Here is the link:

I hope your students enjoy the Magic Lute program like mine did!