Monday, February 22, 2010

Group Lessons- Piano Olympic Fun

This quarter for group lessons I wanted students to share their Keyboard Festival piece (or if they weren't participating, a piece of their choice). So we played Musical Truth, Dare or Perform. Everyone had a chance to perform in the end. If they got Truth they had to answer a question like, how many days did you practice this week or what's your favorite thing about lessons? Or a some dares might be play a piece kneeling down, play a piece while sticking out your tongue or you are a conductor, lead everyone in a March. If they chose Perform they played their prepared piece. It was a lot of fun!

Afterwards students played some Musical basketball, answering theory questions in their level before trying to make a basket for an extra point. Making a basket was a lot harder then they thought it would be, with the exception of McKenna who astounding everyone but making a basket every time!