Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Music at the Mall 2012

Saturday, December 15th, students rang in the holidays by performing Christmas pieces at Arrowhead Towne Center. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Camp 2012- "A Pirate's Christmas"

Christmas camp was a lot of fun this year. Sticking with our Hidden Treasure theme, Christmas camp had a combination of pirate themed and Christmas themed music activities and games.

To get things started the first week we played a musical "hot potato" style theory game. Students passed around a mini stocking where there were different theory questions they were to answer if the music stopped on them. 

Afterwards we took some time to decorate some mini canvas bags, which later because part of their Christmas gift from me.

Afterwards each class composed their own words to a Pirate Christmas Sea Chanty. They learned what was important when developing their musical "story". Each class did a wonderful job.

Later we played Cyber Christmas Scramble, a fun but challenging Christmas song mix up game. Students had to listen very carefully to Christmas songs that were mixed up and figure out what song it was.

Some of the classes had a little time at the end for a quick game of Christmas Carol Bingo.

The second week of Christmas camp, we started off with a game called Voyage of the Intervals. Students were separated in teams and were given the starting note, then together they worked their way through the map figuring out their intervals. The goal was to accurately reach their final destination that was marked on the map correctly. 

Afterwards we played a music trivia game (via powerpoint) that covered the categories: Notes, Rhythm, Dynamics, Articulations, Technique and Christmas. In this game occasionally a bonus round will pop up. Bonus rounds allows a team to receive a bonus point if they are first to answer correctly. Sometimes the bonus rounds are doing something silly such as this... (Can you figure out what they are doing?)

After our trivia game, we took a refreshment break. Students brought in goodies to share...

Now it was time for a Musical Treasure Hunt! Students had musical clues to find the musical object they were looking for hidden around the room. This was a fun game. 

Our musical treasure hunt led us to the piano where students performed their Christmas pieces for each other to close out our Christmas camp.

Before students left, I gave them their Christmas gift from me. (Pirate bears, with their decorated canvas bags filled with gold chocolate coins)