Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Music Fun!

This summer we had a lot of fun here at Foxx Piano Studio. You will see the following posts for each class: You're the Star, Musical Stories and Suites and Together in Rhythym there was something for everyone to enjoy including Keyboard Kids, an intro to piano class!

(Practicing stepping and skipping with puddles and sticks!)


Antonio said...

Hey, had a chance to peruse through your blog. I used to be a music teacher and wish I had come across this blog when I taught music. Definitely some good ideas should I ever go back into it! Please feel free to check out my blog at Your feedback is highly appreciated. It's more for music teachers than anything else. Happy 4th of July.

Audrey said...

Love the puddles and sticks! I love getting a hold of those kinesthetic learners! For visual learners, sometimes I just use the mini-blinds--slat,space,slat,space. :)
Can't wait to read through more of your posts!
I'd love to get feedback from you on my blog