Friday, June 14, 2013

Piano Olympics Training Camp (Part 1 of 3)

Who says music isn't a sport? Brushing up on their theory skills and preparing for the 2014 Foxx Piano Studio Piano Olympics; students participated in the Piano Olympics Training Camp this summer.

Making Team Flags that will be displayed on the wall in the studio music lab room for 2013-2014.


What Note Am I? 
Similar to the "headband" game. Students can ask 3 yes/no questions in order to guess what rhythm or note value they had on their head. Version 1 was with note/rest values. Version 2 was 4 beat measures students clapped and the student who's rhythm was on their head had to listen and figure out the 4 beat measure they had.

Rhythm Value Relay
Students were given a note value and had to relay race with that value in mind. For example if they were to get a whole note- that is 4 beats. (Jump rope 4 times, bounce ball 4 times, go through hula hoop 4 times, find the whole note and come back with your partner in 2 legged race style, give correct rhythm card to teacher.)


Over the Edge- A board game where students are covering up the rocks on their board according to the rhythm value in hopes of not going over the edge before the flashcards run out!

Water Rhythm Relay- Given a rhythm. students race to fill up that many sponges and ring them out in the bucket on the other side. The team with the most water in the bucket at the end wins!

Rhythm Bean Bag Toss- Trying to toss a beanbag and make it in the cans. Larger the note value- more points!

Cup Song- The movie, "Pitch Perfect" made the cup song activity very popular. This was a fun rhythm activity to do at camp!

Learning the Cup Song...

Rhythm Band- Younger students always enjoy making a rhythm band!

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