Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Recital Fun 09'

Saturday, May 16th students performed at TheaterWorks/Peoria Performing Arts Center at 10:00am. The theme was The Great Composers; Traveling through Time. The recital rehearsals days before were a great chance for everyone to run through their pieces and get ready for the day. Everyone performed well. Afterwards students were presented with awards that they had earned throughout the year.

The following week we celebrated everyone's hard work at the recital with a birthday party for Bach. The program that students worked on this year was "Bach's Birthday Party". The story goes: One of Bach's sons threw Bach a birthday party and invited composers throughout the different time periods to attend. When it was time to have the orchestra play the Happy Birthday song, somebody stole the notes. Students were then invited to solve the mystery and earn clues by doing musical tasks (ie: memorize a song...).

At the party we played Stick the Sticker on Bach's Nose (aka pin the tail on the donkey), Hot Bach (aka Hot Potato), went through a Bach time capsule, had cake and ice cream of course, watched recital performances and played Piano Bingo. A fun way to end the year!

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Baltzers said...

I wish we were still there to take piano with you. You are AMAZING!