Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Group Lesson

Our first Fall group lesson started off with learning more about the Walk on the Wild side program definitions.  Students learned and completed the definitions inside their workbook that went along each animal.  Lestezza Leopard, Zart Zebra and Humoresque Hippo to name a few...

We followed up with a Safari Bingo game to make sure they remembered what all the musical definitions meant.  

Then we focused on the 10 animals that are in the Walk in the Wild Side program, talked about each animals personality, character trait, etc... and then students played a short motive that would represent the animal that was given to them.  In a older class, students decided it would be fun to guess what animal the other student was portraying through their motive.  Great idea!

We concluded with some fun hands on rhythm menagerie activities together.

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BusyB said...

This looks fun. I have been using Rhythm Menagerie as well. My students are enjoying it. Thank-you for commenting about teaching your own. Was your experience negative? I will look forward to reading your story.