Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Workshop Fun!

Students had a blast this summer learning about rhythm and instruments around the world, jammin' with lead sheets, learning practice tips and tricks and more!  

Here's a sneak peak of what we did in June!

Students had so much fun learning about different countries, their rhythms and instruments.  We made Bongos from Cuba, the Buhai from Romania, the Kakko from Japan and the Sajat cymbals and spoons from Egypt.  Lots of hands on learning and creating!


Students first learned and reviewed chord basics and applied those important tools in learning how to read lead sheets otherwise known as "fake" sheets.  Later students learned different LH accompaniment patterns that they could experiment and create with.  We were so busy playing and jammin' together that I completely spaced taking pictures for this class!  You'll just have to imagine all the creating that went on in this class.  

One of my favorite summer workshops that I like to try to hold about every 3 years is a workshop on practicing. I find that even if a student took this workshop before, there is a quite a difference on what they will get out of it when they were 8 years old and when they 11 years old. We started out with an informative Q and A session to get them thinking about practice, why it's important, etc... Afterwards we discussed the common practice flaws and learned the solution they can apply to their practicing with each flaw. We followed up with more tips and tricks, a couple hands on activities such as creating a practice board game and putting together practice flashcards, another tool to help at home.

Every summer I hold a class for those students that are interested in taking piano lessons.  They learn the basics which gives them a little jump start into lessons.  

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