Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magic of Music!

Abracadabra! AlaKazoo!
Looking for a little MAGIC in your playing this year?

Students will learn all the secrets to making magic with their music this year in the studio. They will begin their magical journey as an Apprentice stretching themselves, learning as much as they can, exploring all the possibilities!

Students will be earning points based on their accomplishments which will allow them to move up levels in the world of Music Magic.

It's time to make some MAGIC with your MUSIC!  Be ready to step it up!


Sheryl said...

Jen, It sounds like fun! I would love to hear what you're planning! I'm already in the "thinking" stages for next year's incentive. I would love to hear your ideas!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sheryl, it's actually a program you can purchase if you are interested, then all the work is already done for you. ;) Just go to my resource blog for more information and look for the posts on Magic of Music (there are a couple).

Music Teacher said...

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