Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Workshop Fun

This has been a fun filled month full of learning and making music! I thought I would share some pictures from some of the workshops that were held this summer. (I apologize as I didn't always remember to take pictures at each class.)

The first class was our Accompanying Basics class. Students learned how to accompany, whether it was a choir, with other instruments or someone performing a solo with accompanied background. They learned about appropriate stage presence and had also learned the basic techniques of how to conduct in addition how to follow a conductor.

Red, White and Blue Rocks! In this class students learned about two patriotic composers- John Philp Sousa and Francis Scott Key. We had a little bit of Star Spangled fun, made studio flags and each student composed their own Studio Anthem.

Imagination is Key. The first day of this class students learned all about the piano. How it was made, who invented it (Christofori), I even opened up my piano to show them the inside and how it all worked. They reviewed the things they learned on their first day by playing Piano Baseball and concluded by making an origami piano project.

The next couple days students focused on improvisation and imagination. We did several improvisation activities, created sound stories, learned how to apply Story, Color, Character and Imagery in their music.

Piano Team Preview class was a weekly class where students learned four different ensemble pieces over 3 weeks and on the last week recorded a CD to take home. This is a great class to get a feel for what Piano Team during the year is like.

Last but certainly not least is Keyboard Kids. This is a great group of kids getting a jump start in their piano lessons. In this class students learn the music basics and go home knowing how to play several pieces. We have a lot of fun playing musical games, making music and friends.


Natalie Wickham said...

Looks like a ton of fun, Jennifer! Thanks for the inspiration...I need to plan my camp this week!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Natalie. We had a lot of fun. Good luck with your camp! Can't wait to hear about it.

saundras_place said...

Jennifer -- I noticed a spiral bound book on the table in the photo with your summer Keyboard Kids class. I don't recognize it. Is it something you have put together yourself?

You classes all look fun!

Jennifer said...

Hi Saundra,

Yes, it is a program that I have put together myself.