Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween group lessons

This week was group lesson week! First, as students arrived I had them do the first two workbook pages of their Piano Olympics book. We will be continuing in this book throughout the year at group, Christmas camp and in lab.

We then played a game of I Have…. Whooo Has?, a fun rhythm game. With this game students need to put on their careful listening ears and listen out for the rhythm that was clapped. If their rhythm was clapped they would say "I Have" and then clap that rhythm and then say "Whooo Has" and clap the new rhythm.

Moving onto rhythm dictation. Students were shown different Halloween word slides such as this one…
Then they used rhythm flashcards to dictate the rhythm that would represent the words. Then I would check their answer...
THEN I played the rhythm on the piano with different accents and they added the strong, medium and weak flashcards that were included in the rhythm flashcard set they used. 

After rhythm we moved on to notes. First I had each group put together the candy corn note puzzles. I timed each group on how fast they could correctly put them all together.

Our last group activity was to play Don’t eat Pete! We put 5 candy corn candies on top of the candy corn notes and chose one to be “Pete”. Someone would leave the room when Pete was chosen and when they came back they were to guess which one was Pete (and hopefully choose him last). For example they would say “Is treble G Pete?” and so on and if middle C was chosen as Pete, everyone would say “Don’t eat Pete!” and their turn would be over. Yes, they got to eat the candy corn that wasn’t Pete. Of course, that was their favorite part!

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Mark Hodges said...

This looks like a blast! I'm sure the kids loved this - looks like so much fun. I will have to remember it for mine next year's Halloween celbrations.